Brands of Binoculars

There are numerous brands of binoculars available to buy in specialist stores as well as online. Some binoculars are relatively inexpensive whilst the top of the range ones can cost you thousands. Costs will vary according to the exact brand brought, the exact specifications and the size of the binoculars that you want to buy. Binoculars can be used for serious purposes as well as leisure or sporting activities. Many of the better known brands make different models for the differing purposes.

Some of the leading brands of binoculars include ATN, Barr & Stroud, Breeder, Bushnell, Leica, Moss, and Zeiss. These brands all make a wide range of binoculars ranging from the most basic through to the top of the range ones that have higher grade specifications. Companies like Leica and Zeiss made their reputation by making high grade binoculars for military and naval use. Binoculars were especially useful for such uses before the advent of radar or observation flights.

The majority of these brands are brought by civilians for civilian uses such as bird spotting, going on safari, or traveling to remote places by land and sea. The makes fitted with rangefinders and night vision lenses can be even more useful. Most companies tend to have day vision versions and night vision ones. There are also compact versions that are great for watching sporting events like horse racing.